01 Jun 2012
01 Jun 2012

So Many Passwords, So Hard to Keep Track!

PasswordSecurity(250)By: Patrick Carroll, Owner Pat’s Computer Rescue

Take a second and think about all the passwords you use. Work email, personal email, credit cards, cell phone bill payment, business administrator login, backdoor website login, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, personal banking, business banking…the list goes on and on.

Passwords safeguard our most important information. They unlock personal information and allow access to our finances. Unfortunately, online hacking and identity theft are on the rise. Your passwords need to be strong, and you need to be able to remember them. But as you know, the more characters a password contains, the harder it is to recall, especially when you have 20 different passwords.

While much has been said and written about what a strong password constitutes, we also need to keep our passwords safe and readily accessible. Here are some tips on storing your passwords for easy access and safe keeping.

Desktop Password Management Software

One idea for remembering your passwords is to use desktop password management tools. There are many desktop tools available including KeePass and 1Password (for Mac). You may also search for “desktop password management software” and find a program you like better. These tools safely store all you passwords, allowing you to access them by remembering one master password.

Online Password Management Tools

Online password management tools can be accessed from anywhere on the internet, and not just from your home or work computer system. They work in a similar way as desktop password managers, but do not have to be downloaded. Examples include Clipperz and LastPass.

Browser Plug-ins

Another option is to use plug-ins that are compatible with your browser and let you store information either on your computer or over the internet. These plug-ins for password security are a compromise between desktop based and online password management tools.

I hope you find these tips helpful in deciding whether to download or invest in password management software to keep your password information secure. Contact me anytime at pat@patscomputerrescue.com or give me a call at 330-572-7526 x 1001.  I will help set you up with the best password management software for you.

Patrick Carroll, Owner
Patrick Carroll, Owner

Until next time…Pat

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