24 Jul 2012
24 Jul 2012

Coming Soon…WINDOWS 8!

Technology may just be the only thing that changes faster than a Cleveland Browns starting quarterback. The difference, at least when it comes to Microsoft, is that their new product lines are often improvements over previous editions. Unlike with the Browns, who in comparison have an offense that still uses “dial-up,” while the rest of the league taps into high-speed broadband each Sunday.

The one similarity between the two is that Microsoft’s product upgrades are just as difficult to keep track of as the guy under center for the Browns. Each week we are presented with something new, and just as we were getting used to Windows 7, now we must prepare for Windows 8, which many hope will be the next the Joe Montana of operating systems. Just as Browns fans hope Brandon Weeden can be our next Bernie Kosar.

So what is Windows 8, and will it be better than Windows 7?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is focused on the user experience, similar to Windows mobile devices that have clickable “life titles.” The start screen is designed with large box displays allowing you to click or tap on email, weather, appointments, web browsers, and all other applications.

Microsoft has basically eliminated the Start Menu that we’ve used for the last 17 years, and replaced it with a more modern desktop userface that Microsoft refers to as its Metro Design. It’s very similar to the Windows phone, and designed to better suit touchscreen pads and tablets, although many reviewers have said it works great with traditional mouse and keyboard PCs as well. To answer whether or not it’s better, it’s just too early to tell. My initial thoughts are that once we get used to leaving behind the original Windows that we’re used to, we’ll thoroughly enjoy the upgrade.

When does it launch?

Windows 8 is set to release on October 26, 2012.

How can I upgrade to Windows 8?

You can upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 from October 26 through January 2013 for a special discounted rate. In addition, Microsoft is offering a Windows 8 discount Pro Upgrade for only $14.99 for people who have purchased a PC with Windows 7 already installed. This offer is valid on all Windows 7 computers purchased from June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013. To take advantage of this offer visit https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/.

Please note that if upgrading from a version older than Windows 7 you will need to backup all files and data and reinstall them on Windows 8.  If you already use Windows 7, upgrading to Windows 8 is easy, and all files and data are transferable upon upgrade.

For more information about the Windows 8 discount and how you can upgrade email Pat’s Computer Rescue at info@patscomputerrescue.com, or stop by one of our locations. Pat’s Computer Rescue is Northeast Ohio’s leading computer store with shops in Medina, Hudson, and Green.

Until next time…Pat