06 May 2012
06 May 2012

Are your Memories Safe?

Maddie(250)By: Patrick Carroll, Owner Pat’s Computer Rescue

I just had to share this photo with you.  My daughter can make this face on demand.  My wife and I call it “The Business.”  This photo—and thousands of memories just as precious to us—fill our photo library, documenting every joy, every milestone, and every silly face of young Madelyn’s first year.  If something were to happen to these images, the loss would be immeasurable.

It happens more often than you think, and it is probably one of the hardest parts of my job.  Not a week goes by without a customer coming to us with a failed hard drive.  Years worth of photos, videos, and every other document they had on their computer.  All of it, gone.

On a larger scale, we often work with businesses that run those same risks by not backing up their networks.  Some know they don’t have a backup.  What’s worse—others don’t know their backup doesn’t work until it’s too late.

Here are some simple backup solutions that we reccomend:

External Hard Drive with Acronis Software

Acronis True Image Home Software allows for automated data backup and options for full image backups.

External hard drives allow you to:

  • Recover from a disaster faster than an online solutions
  •  Will back up e-mail and large data files
  • Backs up your programs and settings


  • No off site backup; does not protect you against fire, theft and floods
  • Must double check logs to be sure device is backing up
  • External hard drive is another piece of hardware that is subject to malfunction

Online Backup:  Carbonite.com

Carbonite.com is an online program that backs up your computer. 

Carbonite.com allows you to:

  • Restore documents, photos, music, and videos if your computer crashes.
  • Recover files and documents that you accidentally deleted.
  • Access your files remotely from your smartphone or a different computer.


  • Does not work for email files(.pst) or large data files that change daily(Quickbooks)
  • Backs up only your files.  Your programs will need reinstalled if there is a failure

Unless you want to look like Madelyn making “The Business” face, you should have a reliable back up solution in place for all of the computers you have in your home.

It’s hard to insure memories.  What’s easy is making sure you never have to find out just how much losing them will set you back.

Patrick Carroll, Owner
Patrick Carroll, Owner

Contact me anytime at Pat@PatsComputerRescue.com or give me a call any of our locations and we will make sure you have a backup system that is best for you.

Until next time…Pat